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Week #1, 2, 3 & 4 Calendar Raffle Winners

Day 1 – Rose Weyer

Day 2 – Chuck Smyrk

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Day 5 – Mark Devecchis

Day 6 – Jean Mank

Day 7 – Sylvan Norris

Day 8 – Gino Zannino

Day 9 - Don Spangler

Day 10 - Mary Jo Berich

Day 11 - Cathreen Schreffler

Day 12 - Linda Treaster

Day 13 -  Carrie Stufft

Day 14 - Joelle Gill

Day 15 - Carol Reardon

Day 16 - Jackie Stundon

Day 17 - John Dybach

Day 18 - Vincent Caprio

Day 19 - Judy DeVecchis

Day 20 - Mark DeBenedetto

Day 21 - Bonnie Hackett

Day 22 - Christine Fultz

Day 23 - Richard Baade

Day 24 - Daniel Palopoli

Day 25 - Rose Weyer

Day 26 - Barb Bratton

Day 27 - Joe Maginnis

Day 28 - Bill Ozanich

Day 29 - Steve Dalton

Day 30 - Jo Mattern

Day 31 - Sierra Smith



History of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul

      In 1833, in Paris, France; with the help of six others, Frederic Ozanam created the "Conference of Charity," only to be changed shortly after to "The St. Vincent de Paul Society" in honor of Saint Vincent de Paul their patron. The society was comprised of laity who provided assistance to the poor and suffering in the city of Paris.
      The Saint Vincent de Paul Society established its first conference in the United States in 1845 in St. Louis , Missouri.
      Today, St. Vincent de Paul Society is in over 140 countries, 5 continents, In the United States there are over 4,433 conferences, with 64,300 active Vincentians, and over 875,000 Vincentians worldwide
The Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish in Lewistown, PA established its first conference in August of 1999. The Conference has been very active in the Mifflin/Juniata counties since its beginning.
For more information on the St. Vincent de Paul Society visit there

Frederic Ozanam                                                             St. Vincent de Paul


Sacred Heart of Jesus Council

Mission Statement: An all-volunteer Roman Catholic organization helping those who are in need, in the spirit of charity and justice.

Members of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Conference meet monthly to discuss financial needs, upcoming events such as our Monthly Meals (every 3rd Saturday of the Month), discuss the types of assistance given in the last month to insure we are helping as many as possible, also fundraising efforts, and planning for the future.

Interested in in joining an organization that seeks to:

  • Aid the most vulnerable individuals
  • Grow spiritually through a gift of self to others, while fulfilling the two great commandments: Love of God and Love of neighbor.

‚ÄčThe  Society of Saint Vincent de Paul is where you belong. Inquire about becoming a member today and remember: "In coming closer to the needy, you are coming closer to God."

For more information, please contact the Sacred Heart Parish office at 9N Brown St, Lewistown, PA, between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. at (717) 242-2781 and ask for Joey Heroux or Nancy Sanges

Need assistance, and don't know where to turn?

St. Vincent de Paul can help with providing assistance with food, medicine, eviction notices, utility shut off notices, transportation and is able to direct you to other local agencies for any additional assistance that is required. In addition, the Society distributes food baskets for Christmas and offers a free community meal and bingo game during the spring, fall and winter months.

Applications for assistance are taken at the Sacred Heart of Jesus Office at 9 N. Brown St., Lewistown, PA. Call for an appointment today (717) 242-2781. The Society reviews application on a case -by- case basis.

Office Hours for the Society of St. Vincent de Paul are:
                  Tuesday:             10 am - 11:45 am
                  Friday:                  1 pm -   3 pm








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